Cardo Spirit Duo

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Cardo systems

Cardo Spirit Duo

Enhed af høj kvalitet med standard bluetooth-communicatorfunktioner til en prisbilig pris.

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Cardo systems

Cardo Spirit Duo

KommunikationSsystem Dobbelt Pack

Indstilling af en ny standard: Enhed af høj kvalitet med standard bluetooth-communicatorfunktioner til en basispris. Spirit leverer alle de kvaliteter, der gjorde Cardo berømt, til en utrolig introduktionspris. Drevet af den nyeste Bluetooth-teknologi bringer Spirit alle de væsentlige ting, der er nødvendige for en moderne byrytter, og øger dem med hidtil uset opmærksomhed på detaljer, bygget kvalitet og holdbarhed.


  • Universelt bluetooth-samtaleanlæg
  • Nyeste teknologi
  • Op til 2 chauffører, 400m rækkevidde
  • Bluetooth 5.2-chip
  • Vandtæt, toårig garanti
  • Opdatering til over-the-air-software
  • 32 mm højttaler
  • Universel tilslutning
  • Automatisk diskenhed
  • 10 timers taletid med hurtig opladning
  • 2 enhed kobling (telefon / GPS)
  • Musikstreaming (ingen radio)
  • USB type C
  • Driftstemperatur: –20 til 55 °C / –4 til 131 °F
  • Softwareopgraderinger: over-the-air opdateringer, USB-kabelopdateringer
  • Enhedsindstillinger: Cardo Connect-appen
  • 2 kanaler til mobiltelefon og GPS
  • TFT-forbindelse
  • Gruppestørrelse: op til 2 drivere
  • Rækkevidde: op til 400 m
  • Brugergrænseflade: flersprogede statusmeddelelser


  • Universel

Dimensions hovedenhed:

  • Højde: 47mm
  • Længde: 78 mm
  • Dybde: 19 mm
  • Vægt: 35 g


  • Diameter: 32 mm
  • Dybde: 10 mm


  • 32 mm højttaler
  • Automatisk lydstyrkekontrol


  • Taletid: 10 timer
  • Opladningstid: op til 2 timer
  • Hurtig opladning: 2 timers taletid efter 20 minutters opladning
  • Standby tid: 10 dage


  • 2 x Cardo Spirit kommunikationsenhed
  • 2 x Cardo højttalerpar
  • 2 x Cardo mikrofon
  • 2 x Cardo svanehals mikrofon
  • Herunder velcro puder

How it works?

Install Cardo Update and connect your unit to the computer using the USB cable

Click here to watch a quick tutorial

* Make sure you use the original Cardo USB cable
* Minimum supported operating systems: Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.11
For older Cardo units model such as: Q line, G line, SHO-1, and SRC use Cardo Community

Download cardo updater – Cardo Systems

Back in 2003 …

We were one of a few companies creating Bluetooth headpieces for early cellphones. We called them Scala, and they were special because of our unique wind-suppressing technology. With Scala, users’ voice came across crystal-clear and noise-free.


Then, one day, riding on a motorcycle to the office, lightning struck!
What will happen if we take the same Bluetooth and wind-suppressing technology, wrap it inside a sturdy waterproof shell and attach it to a helmet? Now riders like us could connect to their music, their phone, and most of all – to each other.

The challenge

We believed – we still do – that riding a motorcycle shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy the company of our friends. So, we put our best man to the challenge (really our best man, he’s still with us, and he’s our oldest employee), and a year later we launched the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset.
It was a blast. A true marvel of innovation, though we could possibly have been more innovative in its choice of a name -Cardo.

… and now

We are proud to introduce the ultimate sound experience for motorcycle riders by JBL. Resident in our 2019 top-of-the-line Packtalks and in Freecom 4+, Cardo-JBL partnership delivers – for the very first time – an ultimate listening experience whether you are tackling a mountain pass or just zooming down the freeway.

The legend is born

Seeing that we were on to something, we decided to stop making earpieces for phones and focus on making the lives of our fellow riders better. We’ve been committed to this endeavor ever since.
A next-generation intercom that makes your ride simple. Set your intercom group once and forget about it. Our field-proven Dynamic Mesh (DMC) technology will take care of the rest.
No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof unit will take the beating and keep you connected. Rain, shine, mud, dust or snow.
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars. Just say “Hey Cardo” and tell it what you want, it will do the rest.
Powerful, high-definition speakers and specially-tuned audio processor deliver a sound experience like no other.

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